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The Appleberry Legacy 1.6

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Last time: Majora was adorable.  Jett decided to get her a playmate in the form of Heidi, who was equally adorable.  Majora caught a very excitable turtle who was dubbed Iggy.  Lovecraft and Poe grew into adorable toddlers.  There was a lot of adorable, really.  Bea grew into a moody teenager but snagged herself a smexy boyfriend named Jareth (randuhh).  She had a fairly awful time at Prom despite being Queen.  Majora fell off a counter and almost caused me to aspirate my drink and die.

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Tumblr follower gifts

If you're on tumblr and not following me... WHY NOT?  XD  

I'm posting follower gifts on my simblr but I'll post announcements here when I do.  The first gift of two sims is already up in two separate posts, and I'll be posting another set of gifts soon!  You'll have to head to my simblr to see previews and download :)

I'm not abandoning LJ though, so don't worry.  I'll have new things up here as soon as I can (assuming it's before the 15th because after that, my life will be D3)!

ETA: Here is a link to all of the current sims I have up for download on my tumblr!
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So I backed up my families and sims before I installed pets how many months ago now?  And yet I cannot find the backups for the important things: The Povans and The Appleberrys :(  I'll have to completely recreate both families as I do not have the saved families. This means going into CAS, creating a family, trying to replicate the kids, etc.  I have no idea HOW, as every sim I created in CAS and saved (besides my self-sim and one other) is perfectly intact.

I am SO not up to this for the Povans -_-  I was damn near on the next generation and I do not have the patience to rebuild the family and get the kids right much less redo their amazing house I loved so much.  I think I may have the pics to do one last update, but for all intents and purposes, they are dead.  I am actually quite upset about this as they were my first TS3 legacy :(

The Appleberrys, on the other hand, should be relatively easy to replicate and fix, as Bea hadn't even reached childhood in my game so I have no idea what she will/would have looked like.  And they were still living in a legacy shack.  I can just marry Penny and Jett in CAS and play with genetics to get a new Bea.  This makes me sad, but much more hopeful than the Povans.  

In the meantime, until I have the mental fortitude to redo the Appleberrys, I am going to start a new legacy.  Details soon and last update, if any, for the poor, dead Povans T_T
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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you all and may you get all you wish for in the new year ♥

Your gift consists of a sim, Elisabette Treese, and her A-frame log cabin.  I've made her a Dog Person and she lives in my game with her beautiful Irish Setter.  This gift is particularly special because my 6-year-old daughter helped me decorate the house.  Everything in it was approved by her.  So this is from both of us :3

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