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Aliens Below Me: TS3 Edition

Since I LOOOOOVE making aliens, I was happy to oblige the recent Call to Arms: ALIENS from pixel_trade  :3

I basically started at the top of the list and am going to attempt to work my way down.  Crazy?  ME?!?!?!  Never.  Anywho, all sims are in .sim format so chuck them into your SavedSims folder.  My default skin is lemonleaf's B2.5 skin and my default eyes are by Subaxi.  I currently have a bunch of sliders installed, some of which I didn't use, or didn't use on all of them, so I will indicate for each sim which sliders are required.  CmarNYC's elf ear sliders are a good thing to have if you like my sims though ^_^

First up is simsforaranya's prompt:

 The Alien below me will be blonde, pointy-of-feature, charming
and witty... concealing his devilish and slightly evil interior.

sliders: jonha, Heiret, bella3lek4, CmarNYC | skin: Lady Frontbum's rainbow asian non-default skin | earrings/piercings: Winry, sleepless angel | blush: kittyklan | lipstick: Shyne | clothes: WA | hair: Store

Pericles LaShay is the resultant Evil yet Charismatic alien.  He's also pretty damn hot.

Download Pericles LaShay

Next, astro_cake  requested:
 The person below me will make a rather lazy alien. He or she
will have cheeks on the pudgy side. This alien enjoys the
arts and quite dislikes the hustle and bustle of city life.

sliders: bella3lek4, Hermi | skin: MissSkitty, updated for LN by jmtmom | eyeliner: emmzx | blush: Susan372 | lipstick: Shyne | nails: Club Crimsyn | hair and clothes: Generations

This is Sidonie Nika.  Despite her Couch Potato ways, she'd rather be outside among the trees and flowers than stuck in a downtown high-rise.

engram_au  asked for: 
 The alien below me will be purple of hair, chubby-cheeked and
pointy-nosed of feature, come from an underground culture
(think HUGE irises or blind eyes due to lack of light) and be
very shy yet friendly, wanting to learn the ways of us
above-ground dwellers.

slider: My Blue Book | contacts: lazywnch | lipstick: Tamo | clothes: WA | hair: Newsea Roy retextured by ageiha

Download Wenceslaus Pelagius

My dear bondchick_nett  demanded:
  The person below me will make an alien with black eyes
you can get lost in, very pronounced cheekbones, a little mouth
and who is exceedingly happy hiding in the dark
away from prying eyes.

sliders: CmarNYC | eyeshadow and eyeliner: emmzx | lipstick: Shyne | contacts: Sam the man | fingernails: Club Crimsyn | toenails: lilisims | hair: [info]ageiha | outfit: Store

Voilà, Teofila Arethusa!  She is super-tiny and super-cute and has cheekbones on which you could cut glass.  If you were into that sort of thing.


Jul. 1st, 2011 10:14 am (UTC)
Teofila and Wencelaus are both going into my game right now! Why yes, I AM setting up a new hood and populating it with some custom townies :)